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Cindy Crawford Stripping For Fun Or Money?

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Now here’s a photo of Cindy Crawford and depending on the news, it’s either really great news or it’s bad news.  But from what I see here, Cindy Crawford is now stripping for a living!  Or for fun, whichever it is, I don’t know, but for whatever reason, it’s definitely good news for all of us horndogs!  It probably isn’t too good for her though if she has to make a living at it!  I mean strippers don’t make a lot, compared to say, supermodels.  So Cindy must be feeling the crunch if she has to strip for a living.  No more waking up for less than $10,000 for this baby!

But if it were up to me I’d say Cindy’s doing all this for fun!  I mean she can’t be completely penniless and last I heard she was still married.  So this could just be a naughty birthday gift for her hubby.  Whatever.  It’s a naughty birthday gift for us fans of this sexy supermodel!  If you want to see more of Cindy Crawford getting raunchy and horny in dirty photos, then you’d better check out this site, because they have it all!