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Cindy Crawford Sunbathing Topless On George Clooney’s Boat

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

hot cindy crawford boobs
Holy moley!  Are my eyes deceiving me? It may be too good to be true but are these the elusive photos of Cindy Crawford showing off her luscious pair of tits? Cindy Crawford and husband Randy Gerber recently went on holiday aboard George Clooney’s luxury yacht off the coast of Sardinia. This is where these hot photos of this sexy supermodel sunbathing without her top were taken. There must be something about the sun and the open sea that gets Cindy gets into her playful mood and decides to take her top off, bask under the sun and show off her hot pair of tits?!

hot cindy crawford tits

Oh well, who wouldn’t want to see a famous celebrity like Cindy Crawford getting sleazy and showing off her boobs? And now that these photos are out in the open, you may now get the chance to see a bunch of these really hot topless photos of Cindy Crawford and feast your eyes on those succulent tits to your kinky enjoyment! So if these sample images you’re seeing right now is enough to keep you stiff down under, wait until you see the entire collection of titty pictures that we have waiting for you at Cindy Crawford Nude.

sexy cindy crawford with george clooney and bono