Cindy Crawford Naked

Whether or not you were around during her heyday in the 1990s, there’s no denying that Cindy Crawford is truly one of the world’s most beautiful women.  During the height of her popularity, she could be seen everywhere, from magazine covers to TV commercials to exercise videos to her ill-fated movie “Fair Game”.  And why shouldn’t she be everywhere, with that classic, perfectly proportioned face of hers, and that sexy, statuesque body?  Seeing Cindy Crawford naked in Playboy was probably one of the highlights of every horndog’s life when her first nude pictorial was released in July of 1998.

With her beautiful features and accessorized by that ubiquitous mole, Cindy Crawford has defined a decade for supermodels, and as the top model of her time, and those images of her still live on.  Her Pepsi ads and Vogue covers will forever be enshrined in pop culture memory, while men will continue to drool over her, years after her official retirement and marriage to her current husband.

Of course her union with Richard Gere in the early 90s will never be forgotten by some people, particularly those who still remember the rumor of Gere making Crawford stuff gerbils up his anus for sexual pleasure.  Now that shows that Cindy has the ability to get kinky when it’s needed, and that’s the lesson we’d like to take from that story, if nothing else.  With her unfailing appearance in ‘Beautiful People’ and ‘Sexiest’ lists of showbiz and men’s magazines during the 90s up until the early 21st century, it’s understandable that we’d all still like to check out naughty images and raunchy videos of this babe.  So check out Cindy Crawford Naked now, and discover the best online resource for all the Cindy Crawford hotness that you require!