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A Look Back At Cindy Crawford’s Breast Exposure In The Movies

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

“Fair Game” came out in 1995, and cost around $50 million to make, and it grossed somewhere under $12 million.  That’s a career-killer right there, and Billy Baldwin’s lucky he’s still working these days, although Cindy Crawford has done nothing more challenging than cameos and bit parts since then.  Ah, but you’ve still got to have a soft spot for a movie that shows Cindy Crawford bearing her breasts on film.  These are her size-34 boobies at their prime, so it’s still watching, or at least fast-forwarding, don’t you think?  Think of them bouncing around and you’ll nod your head, I promise.

There’s more Cindy Crawford breast exposure available when you check out that link’s site!